Effective content delivery and reporting are key to ensuring the accuracy, defensibility, and practicality of your process.

The HireScore Assessment Platform is designed from the ground up to deliver your content valid assessments in a user-friendly manner. We utilize the latest technology to create an immersive test environment that is built around your organization’s needs.

  • Assess basic skills, job knowledge, personality, situational judgment, and more

  • Customizable, detailed reporting

  • User-friendly testing via computer, tablet, or mobile device

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Step One: Assessment

Candidates are assessed via computer, tablet, or mobile device. Assessment batteries may include basic skills, job knowledge, personality, situational judgment, or other job-related assessments. Question types include a wide variety options such as multiple-choice, matching, true false, fill-in, scaled, open ended, or recorded response (i.e., audio/video). Our project managers will work with your validation experts to outline options and ensure that your preferences are explicitly built into the process.

Step Two: Reporting

Candidate scores are reported via HireScore. Score reporting is customizable and all data can be exported to external systems to run additional analytics. Portal reporting includes:

  • Candidate summary results and candidate ranking
  • Customization options by job/location
  • Creation of custom, weighted and validated composite scores which allow multiple assessments to be combined in a single Baseline composite score (perfect for “apples to apples” comparison)
  • View all results by raw score, percentile score, standard score, or text (pass/fail)
  • Limit viewing based on authorization level
  • “Drill down” for additional detail
  • Full export capabilities and/or API for integration with payroll, EEO, on boarding, and/or other legacy systems
  • Extensive customization and integration options

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