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Keeping good employees is more cost effective than hiring and training new employees. SDS has worked with organizations large and small to minimize turnover across a wide variety of positions.

Retail establishments, call centers, shipping companies, part-time positions, and seasonal work are all characterized by above average turnover, which can be reduced by hiring the right people.

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The keys to reducing turnover from an employee selection perspective include:

  • Hiring people who fit your company’s role and culture
  • Hiring people who do not have key turnover triggers
  • Hiring people who will be good at the work

Each of these objectives requires the use of a hiring process that is customized to the job and to the culture of the organization. A standard application screen and interview will certainly not be successful, and off-the-shelf testing won’t be enough.

SDS has demonstrated in repeated studies that by using a custom validated employee selection program, turnover can often be reduced by 75% or more. In one extreme case, SDS helped a large call center reduce turnover from 400% annually to under 10% annually!

Reduced Turnover in Large Retail Organization 75%
Reduced Turnover in Large Petrochemical Organization 82%
Reduced Turnover for Truck Drivers in a Shipping Organization 75%

Clients trust our process to help reduce their turnover.

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Reduced employee turnover means cost savings and less headaches.

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