There are many common attributes that are often cited as positives when discussing a potential new hire. The skills often mentioned as positive traits include punctuality and enthusiasm. While getting work done in a timely manner and being enthusiastic about one’s job certainly help a company function in an efficient manner, they are not the only aspects that should be looked at when seeking out an employee who will last a long time at a company. 

Sometimes, other more subtle qualities are overlooked in the hiring process, often to the detriment of a company or business. When hiring a new employee, it is important not to forget to look for the four qualities mentioned below. 


  1. Compassion
    Compassion is a quality that is hard to quantify but can make all the difference when your employees must deal with colleagues and clients from all different cultures and walks of life. An employee who is able to put their mindset in the shoes of someone very different from themselves, with different values and customs, can lead to positive additions to teams and have the ability to attract new customers. In the hiring process, looking for individuals who volunteer in places such as animal shelters or other charitable causes may mean that their kind nature will translate well to the workplace.
  2. Has Flaws
    Many employers view perceived flaws in a candidate’s resume or past work experience as red flags, but this often can be furthest from the truth when getting a full picture of a potential employee and their ability to do an exemplary job. An example of this might be a gap in a person’s work history. This is often seen as a negative, but when taking a closer look, this can actually be a sign of positive character traits. Gaps in work history may be present because a worker has had to take time off to care for a sick relative. Or perhaps they supported a partner who was working, making one’s employment a team effort.

    A perfect job candidate on paper is often too good to be true, and just because a person has gone through all the proper steps in their life doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the problem-solving or real-world skills to excel at a job without having experienced hardships and overcome them.

  3. Openly Discusses Mental Health
    Unfortunately, there is still much stigma around mental health. It is often seen as a strength to keep hidden mental illness struggles. However, those individuals who are honest about their own challenges with staying positive mentally, and how they cope, often translate to stronger, more reflective employees. These employees often show more creativity and are likely to have sympathy and be supportive of colleagues if or when they experience similar issues. Successfully navigating a team through employee’s inevitable hardships fosters a work environment where everyone feels safe, and therefore productive.
  4. Enjoys a Wide Array of Television Shows and Movies
    Popular culture is not just entertainment, but reflects the values, hopes, fears, and dreams of a society. An employee that explores different stories can relate to both colleagues and clients in a personal and supportive manner.

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