Having open positions that need to be filled in your company can bring on a certain level of stress for your Human Resources team. Regardless of the industry, the onboarding process of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training is extensive. It takes time, uses valuable resources, and costs money. You want to make sure you get it right, but how can you be sure that you hire the right person for the job? It may be easier than you think. There are five surefire ways you can be sure you made the right choice.

1. They Are Eager to Learn
When a candidate shows that they are open to learning new things and are willing to participate in projects outside of their direct position, this shows they are go-getters that care about the company as a whole. They are likely to set goals that are good for the entire team, not just for their own personal growth.

2. They Are Flexible
Candidates that are capable of ‘going with the flow’ tend to be more open to change. This flexible attitude typically translates into an even-keeled personality that is able to compromise and change directions when needed. These candidates are easier to coach and are more receptive to moving in a different direction than expected if it is best for the company. More rigid candidates who are set in their ways can be a barrier to your more forward-thinking employees.

3. They Show Enthusiasm
Candidates who have energy and show passion for their job are generally the employees who bring new ideas to the table. If they identify a problem, they are usually the ones who have already thought of a possible solution. Enthusiastic employees are well-liked by their peers, too, which creates a more pleasant work environment for the entire team.

4. They are Honest
A telltale sign of a great candidate for any position is their openness and honesty during the interview process. Be aware of a candidate who paints a perfect picture of their work experience and is unable to describe their weaknesses. Someone who is able to honestly explain a weakness or an error that they have made in the past and how they were able to recover from it shows that the employee possesses self-awareness that is a skill that stands out as a strength and should be valued.

5. They are Capable of Communicating Clearly
How well a candidate can communicate and how important communication is to that person can actually be identified during the earliest part of the hiring process. During recruitment, if a candidate responds quickly and clearly, it’s a very good sign that they will carry those communication skills with them into their new position. During the actual interview, if a candidate is direct, organized, and transparent, this likely is indicative of their communication style in the workplace.


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