Nearly every successful business model depends on placing the right personnel in their most effective roles. This process starts by convincing the ideal candidates to click on an ad or job posting.

That’s why major corporations invest millions of dollars in improving their recruiting and onboarding processes. Thankfully, the vast resources of a Microsoft- or Amazon-sized company aren’t necessary to create snappy, effective advertisements and job postings that funnel the right job seekers to your organization.

Creating a Job Ad that Connects with the Right Candidates

When writing a job advertisement, you must always have your target in mind. Imagine your ideal candidate for this role. What is their:

  • Work history?
  • Educational background?
  • Attitude?
  • Personality?
  • Geographic location?

Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to effectively target your ad and deploy it strategically where your ideal candidates spend time online. Even a high-quality posting can be lost in the shuffle of the major job search sites. Appealing to a specific audience requires speaking a precise language and understanding a particular set of values. If you’re unsure about the skillsets or the typical CV someone should have in a role you’re trying to fill, don’t hesitate to contact consultants or experts for more information.

Branding Matters

Unless you’re a major corporation or a large employer in your region, it’s possible that many candidates haven’t heard of your company before seeing your job ad. Even if an applicant has ordered a product from your company or used your services in the past, they likely know very little about your organization.

A job ad is an excellent opportunity to build your brand by directly referencing your company values, history, and mission. Don’t use your job ad as an essay about your company, but make sure anyone who clicks “apply” will do so with a solid understanding of who you are and how they might fit into your operation.

Make Your Ad Valuable to Job Seekers

Don’t merely talk about your values in your job ad; use it as an opportunity to demonstrate them. One of those values should be transparency if you want to compete for the best candidates in today’s fast-paced climate.

Include elements like:

  • An accurate and complete job description: Use concrete language and thoroughly (but concisely) explain what the job will entail.
  • Bring the company to life: While explaining the job itself is crucial, you’ll also want to tell your organization’s story.
  • Compensation and benefits: There is a minimal upside to being mysterious about what you offer candidates. It’s better to be upfront about pay and benefits in today’s competitive staffing climate.
  • Growth potential: Don’t hesitate to mention if the job you’re posting makes a good potential starting place for a long-term career.
  • Be visual: Ensure your ad adheres to your company’s branding and style guide. Include photographs of your workplace to help candidates better understand what a workday with your company will look like.
  • Organize well: Use engaging headings and subheadings to effectively break up the sections of your job posting in a way that makes sense. For example, you wouldn’t want your company mission statement running directly into the job duties for the specific role.

Assembling a great staff is vital to getting work done efficiently and at a high level. A carefully planned and crafted job ad can attract ideal candidates, helping you build a talented and capable workforce.

When it’s time for you to hire, let Stang Decision Systems help. We can help ensure you get the right candidates for the right job.