As we bid a fond farewell to 2023, many operations, recruiters, hiring managers, and entrepreneurs are looking back on what they learned –both personally and organizationally–and trying to position their teams for a year of new successes.

Embracing big shifts in workplace norms and staying ahead of the curve (and above the hype) when it comes to new tech has become essential in the field of recruiting. Here are four bold New Year’s resolutions to help get you there.

  1. Invest in Continuing Education

    When it comes to investing in your staff’s skills, use exit interview data from employees who are moving on, as well as feedback from current employees and customers, to identify key areas where additional training is desired.

    Make sure the financial decision-makers in your organization ensure sufficient resources to give employees at all levels, in all phases of your operation, continuing education opportunities. If you need an argument in favor of more CE funds, note that investing in your employees’ professional careers is a cost-effective way to boost your employer brand, as it starts paying for itself immediately in increased employee competency.

    When it comes to investing in your own CE, there are plenty of great courses and seminars for recruiters happening online and in person. Even online events can be a great platform to network with other industry professionals in addition to learning some new skills and methods.

  2. Proactively Build Your Employer Brand

    We’ve talked about this before, but your employer brand is crucial to your operation’s overall success.

    Compensation, office amenities, benefits packages, remote and hybrid options, overall workplace culture, and the language in your job postings all contribute to your brand as an employer and matter when you’re trying to compete for great candidates.
    Remember, improving your employer brand and your customer brand are two very different concepts. While the latter is a matter of marketing and customer service, your employer brand starts and ends by fostering positive experiences in the workplace and making sure your team feels invested in the greater project of your business.

  3. Make 2024 the Year of Mental Health

    The concept of mental health in the workplace is having a real moment, with many articles written on the subject and many companies adding mental health-specific benefits to their employee compensation packages. The focus on this aspect of the work-life equation can be seen almost as a natural counterpoint to the anxieties currently plaguing many workers about new technologies like AI.

    Depending on the nature of your business and the resources at your disposal, beefing up your own operation’s mental health might include things like more comfortable workplace furniture and amenities, flexible scheduling, access to online counseling services, or medical insurance benefits that include comprehensive coverage for mental health treatment. In 2024, however, it might also include something as simple as adopting a company-wide policy on AI use that emphasizes the value you place on your human staff.

  4. Harness the Power of a Multi-Generational Staff

    Gen Z makes up more of the global workforce every day, so it’s time to start understanding and embracing the power of a multi-generational workforce. This year, take the time to understand Gen Z values, effectively apply the unique experience of older employees, and examine your own internal biases about folks of your own age group, good and bad.

    The next big, industry-shaking technology is always on the horizon, and it appears that the so-called “AI revolution” we find ourselves at the dawn of 2024 might be one such occurrence on a generational level. Familiarity and comfort with different types of emergent technology is another great reason to get some talented young folks on board as soon as possible.

Be mindful of these resolutions, and you’ll be ready to tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities that 2024 has in store.