We are always incredibly grateful to hear from clients who tell us our services have helped them hire great talent or fix a problem with filling difficult positions. One of our clients, Laser North, Inc., recently reached out to us to express how our services were integral to helping them fill several difficult positions with the right people.

Mark Niemela, Vice President of Laser North, told us that as a growing metal fabrication firm, they face the common challenge of filling open positions with suitable employees. In the past, they have met this need to varying degrees of success. Recently, Mark had a conversation with a respected business associate about how they find quality help.

“He said that they have been using Stang Decision Systems (SDS) for some time, and were very happy with the results,” says Mark. “We contacted SDS, and they explained their whole process and pricing structure. It made sense to us, and we wanted to move forward with it.”

Mark was put in contact with Jody Johnson, HR Advisor/Project Manager at SDS. Jody worked closely with Mark and Laser North to put a selection and assessment system in place for the key positions they were looking to fill–Outside Sales Representative and Production Manager.

“Jody stepped right in and has done a great job for us in locating, screening, interviewing, and then recommending competent candidates to us. She has been with us in the on site interviews here at Laser North, and has very professionally questioned the candidates to draw out their strengths and weaknesses, and then turned it over to us for further discussion.”

Mark says the process put in place by SDS worked very well and allowed them to fill their needed positions with quality candidates, and that they plan to continue using SDS for future openings.

[Stang Decision Systems] is an important part of our move to the next level.”

Laser North, Inc. (http://www.lasernorthinc.com/) is a state-of-the-art laser cutting and precision metal fabricating firm providing carbon steel, stainless, and carbon products for equipment in industries including Agriculture, Defense, Mining, Energy, and Transportation. Laser North, Inc. is headquartered in Baraga, Michigan, and located close to the pristine shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula.

You can view Laser North Inc.’s open positions at https://lasernorth.sdsjobs.com/.